MAEROR TRI – Ambiguitas TM01


1. Death Surrounds You 16:00
2. Fusion Of Segmentary Intelligence 6:15
3. Furtive Menace 3:35 
4. Caligo 4:49
5. Amplexari 6:03
6. Magical Attraction 6:13
7. Pulchritudo 4:51
8. Delphic Oracle 7:02
9. Northern Lights 5:00


Ltd: 500 copies

Price: €14.00 - worldwide incl shipping




Recorded from May 1991 to April 1992 except "Delphic Oracle" and "Northern Lights" recorded at the end of 1989. 

This tape is dedicated to the never understandable ambiguity of life! 

Reissue of a cassette originally released in 1995 by Lebensraum label as an edition of 149 copies. Most of the material was recorded in 1991-1992 plus two tracks from 1989. The tape is dedicated to the never understandable ambiguity of life. Raw minimalistic industrial rumble and roar, trademark reversed sounds, melancholic guitar drone and psychedelic wave of spiraling melodies.


The material from the cassette releases of Maeror Tri have been trickling back into circulation over the years thanks to a nearly global campaign to keep these recordings into print. Maeror Tri should need no introduction from us by now, they being the German industrial-drone trio that enjoyed a vibrant existence from 1988 to 1996. In the best tradition of the DIY / mail-art / cassette-culture values, they eagerly recorded material for pretty much every request that came their way, with cassette releases and compilation tracks that barely saw much in the way of distribution during that time period, given the limited pressings. Ambiguitas was one of these cassette-only releases that was released in 1995 by the Lebensraum subsidiary of the French power-electronics / dark-ambient imprint Nuit Et Bruillard. It should be noted that the recordings are actually much earlier, dating back to 1991. This is a very bleak album even by the standards of Maeror Tri, who seem to be augmenting their thrumming drones with power-tool expressionism and nocturnal percussive clamor as heard on "Fusion Of Sementary Intelligence" which follows the guttural tape-noise chimney sweeping of the aptly named "Death Surrounds You". The latter half of the album shifts towards those achingly maudlin, long-form guitar drones that Maeror Tri's Stefan Knappe has mastered over the years, transitioning into those into a epochally cinematic form within Troum. Ambiguitas is fleshed out with two possibly unreleased tracks that date back to 1988, when the trio buttressed their ashen bellows with lugubrious synths and delay-pedal dub tricks. 




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