MAEROR TRI – Subliminal Forces TM02


1. Ambrosia 7:26 
2. Unconscious Confusion 4:46
3. Sonitus 5:00
4. Caelum 14:08 
5. A Mystic Smile 4:28
6. This Wonderful Sadness 2:28 
7. Abditus 9:05 
8. Memento 10:34

This work is dedicated to the sub-conscience! 

Ltd: 500 copies

Price: €14.00 - worldwide incl shipping



Reissue of a cassette originally released in 1991 by Tonspur Tapes label, containing recordings made in 1990-1991. Deep low-end drones and plangent noises, reverbed clanging of metal and other experimental textures, minimum of melodies and guitar-based melancholia, typical rather for later period of the band. Complete and relentless immersion into the subliminal sphere.

"Like a waterfall in your mind" reads a pithy text on the back of this reissue from the German industrial-drone iconoclasts Maeror Tri. It's very much a fitting descriptor to the sprawling, long-form bass-rumble that those three had developed as their signature sound during their prolific career from 1988 to 1996. Hypnotic, transfixing, ominous, sublime. Subliminal Forces was one of the many cassettes that had been released in a tiny edition at sometime during their career. The sub-underground imprint Tonspur put out the original cassette, doing so in 1993, which was a couple years after the recordings were completed. Suspended tones of flanging guitar noise and flecked electronics hang above inky black, gothic, shadowy, sepulchral, subterranean, and otherwise dark-as-fuck tones, lending to an post-apocalyptic imagery of flickering strands of Christmas lightbulbs that somehow managed to stay illumined while the remaining landscape is charred, bombed-out, deserted, and strewn only with rubble. After seven tracks of expressively desolate slabs of industrial drone, album's isolationist tendencies crack only slightly with the final track "Memento." Here, pools of synths and guitars ripple against each other's languid reverberations and spectral decay. Very lovely. Reports from the peanut gallery about the original tape's inconsistent sound seem to have addressed with the remastering of this album for the 2014 relaunch. As such, it's a necessary reissue on all fronts. 




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